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Valley Construction Supply offers a wide variety of products for your framing, rebar and drainage needs


At Valley Construction Supply, our two warehouse locations in Marysville and Pacific make us convenient to all of your Puget Sound are construction sites. Both locations have a complete inventory with experienced staff whose motto is "customer service is key". Known for our "can do" attitude, our services are always here to help our customers in a pinch.

Erosion Control

Valley Construction Supply carries a variety of erosion control products. We have poly sheeting, fencing, ground fabrics and straw products in stock, ready for next day delivery.

Rooftop Fall Protection

Valley Construction Supply can assist in the design, layout and procurement of the varying components your building requires. We partner with Super Anchor in Monroe, WA to provide fall protection systems for various building requirements.

Lateral Restraint Systems

With the current trends shown by municipalities allowing building heights of wood construction to exceed the standard 5 stories, the use of a “lateral restraint” system has increased significantly and our sales staff can assist with any lateral restraint systems.

Wholesale Concrete Accessories

Valley Construction Supply has a complete inventory of concrete accessories. From cleats and snap-ties to insulation, tie wire and duplex nails, we can deliver next day.

Drainage Materials

Valley Construction Supply stocks 4” and 6” standard solid and perforated PVC, thin wall and SDR35 pipe along with all the fittings, fabric and glue. We also have glue and filter fabric for all your drainage needs.

Wood Construction Connectors

With a large inventory of Simpson products, Valley Construction Supply can fill your residential and commercial orders.

Wholesale Siding Accessories

Valley Construction Supply’s moisture protection products include papers, sealants and window wrap. We also offer custom flashing.

Tools And Accessories

We carry a wide variety of construction accessories from epoxy guns and bag tie tools, gloves and shovels to replacement blades and rebar cutter/benders.

Seismic Retrofit

Valley Construction Supply has been involved in numerous SEISMIC upgrade projects tied to historical renovation and preservation projects. Each project required its own specific recipe to establish the intended newer usage of the existing structure.

Rebar Fabrication

Our Pacific warehouse has an onsite rebar fabrication facility. Using the ASA standard bar bend list, our fab shop is ready for any residential or commercial projects.

Rebar Fabrication

Here at Valley, we just so happen to have our own rebar fabrication facility in Pacific, WA which is fully supported by our own fleet of delivery vehicles waiting to transport your order.

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